Not all MQLs are created equal - How to crush your goals with high-intent sources
Date & Time
Tuesday, May 23, 2023, 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Alison Frederick

Each year, marketing teams spend weeks building a demand funnel to forecast how they’ll reach their goals. Then those same teams are surprised when they meet their Lead and MQL goals, but the Opportunities just aren’t there. This problem occurs because the funnel forecast is typically a blend of all sources from high-intent hand-raisers (i.e. demo and contact us) to low-intent activity (guides, webinars, etc). Surprises result when the forecast doesn’t account for the massive differences in prospect intent or conversion rates.
The team at Workiva decided to hack the funnel. Knowing that high-intent MQLs convert to opportunities at roughly 6x the others, the team focused on increasing demo requests by 20% in 2022. The team took swift action, focusing on velocity, high-quality MQLs and a great user experience. In the end, they achieved their goal with a quarter to spare resulting in $22.5M in pipeline creation and $2.6M in closed/won bookings.
Learn how to hack your funnel in 5 steps:
● Identify your highest intent MQLs
● Establish a streamlined buyer’s journey
● Invest in the right channels
● Partner with Sales to leave no prospect behind
● Ensure your martech is setup for success

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