Dawn of the next-gen B2B marketer
Date & Time
Tuesday, May 23, 2023, 1:35 PM - 2:05 PM
Paul Roetzer

As artificial intelligence advances what’s possible with technology, a next generation of marketers is emerging. These professionals aren’t defined as next-gen because of age, but rather their approach to embracing change and applying smarter (i.e. AI-powered) technologies.
In this presentation, Paul Roetzer, Marketing AI Institute founder and CEO, lays out the vision and opportunity for next-gen marketers who use AI to deliver the personalization and experiences modern consumers expect; unlock previously unimaginable creative possibilities; and drive efficiency and growth that leadership demands.
We have entered the age of intelligent automation. AI is not going to replace you. Rather, it will replace specific tasks, and augment what you are capable of doing. Don’t wait for the marketing world to get smarter around you. Take the initiative now to understand, pilot, and scale AI. The opportunities are endless for marketers with the will and vision to transform their careers, and the industry.

You will learn:

- What AI is, and why it matters to marketers.
- Why generative AI is transforming creativity and communications.
- How to identify AI use cases and evaluate vendors.
- What business outcomes AI can help you achieve.
- How to prepare your team for piloting and scaling AI.

The future of business is human + machine, and the future is now.

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