Bridging the gap: Integrating go-to-market KPIs across multiple motions
Date & Time
Wednesday, May 24, 2023, 12:05 PM - 12:35 PM
Jon Russo

Join us for "Bridging the Gap: Integrating Go-to-Market KPIs across Multiple Motions," a session focused on aligning key performance indicators (KPIs) from the boardroom to frontline sales strategies. We'll discuss how to make marketing KPIs understandable and relevant to high-level stakeholders unfamiliar with marketing-specific language. We'll also show how to integrate these KPIs into Salesforce for comprehensive, unified reporting across all go-to-market efforts. Attendees will gain insights on bridging the gap between strategic and operational KPIs, promoting better alignment, communication, and overall business effectiveness.

You will learn:

1. How to align sales and marketing to facilitate clean and reportable handoffs

2. How to reconfigure sales structure, alignment, and lead routing to support pod development

3. How to transition from an MQL only model to one that can handle any go-to-market motion

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