Driving sustained growth, not cuts: Avoiding the perilous pathway to ‘switch off and switch on’ marketing.
Date & Time
Tuesday, May 23, 2023, 10:50 AM - 11:25 AM
Steve Cheliotis Brian Bourke LaSandra Brill Robert T. Hastings, Jr. Lindsey Salens

In this session you will hear from CMOs and marketing experts on how to sustain market share growth in the face of economic headwinds and overcome the threat of marketing budget cuts. Each day marketers, like you, are at risk of getting their budget cut if you don’t drive the metrics needed to build your business.  This panel discussion led by Josh Okun from Gravity Global is designed to open the conversation of what is preventing marketing team from growing, or even worse, keeping the marketing budgets.  B2B marketing tends to be drawn toward “building fame” - typically through campaigns focused on tangible differentiators - or ‘transactional conversion marketing’. Typically ignored in either choice is the need to build positive sentiment, admiration, and emotional competitive advantage across all touch points with prospects and customers. As the pandemic accentuated the pressure on marketing budgets, the focus on conversion and trackable performance marketing heightened, while long-term brand building, through distinctive emotive-led marketing and communication fell further by the wayside.

The discussion will briefly introduce F.A.B. as a means of highlighting problems and potential solutions in relevant categories of the panelists.

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