Could a robot replace your marketing team?
Date & Time
Wednesday, May 24, 2023, 9:50 AM - 10:30 AM
Carmen Simon

We live in an era where algorithms rule. They are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and impact a lot of things in our lives, from package delivery to movie recommendations tofinding a kidney or love online. Will there be a point where the robots take over? Can our
humanity be automated?

It is helpful to strike a balance between robots and humans because it’s the human brain that creates demand, which keeps the economy strong, and it’s the machine that augments our human capabilities.

During this keynote, Dr. Carmen Simon, Chief Science Officer at Corporate Visions, addresses from a neuroscience perspective how to balance the human and the machine and create loyalty and better engagement with your internal teams and clients.

Specifically, you will learn tangible and practical answers to these current business questions:

  • Does the machine really have more power compared to humans?
  • How can we help the machine and the human brain to evolve?
  • How do we sustain our humanity in an engineered age?
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