How marketers can champion the challenger within to build unforgettable B2B experiences from Digital Radish
Date & Time
Wednesday, May 24, 2023, 10:30 AM - 11:05 AM
Lorna Charlish Renaye Edwards Chris Willocks

We’re told as humans, we naturally find reasons for why things can’t be done. Especially done differently. But our panel of ‘challengers’ knows that's a load of nonsense.

B2B Marketers have the opportunity to dispel the ordinary, stand out and stand for something. Regardless of size or whether they’re a challenger brand or not. How? By championing the challenger within.

What do we mean by ‘championing the challenger within’? To better ourselves, our teams and our marketing. To never settle for a standard, to be unafraid to try and fail. To challenge ourselves and the established state of play.

Becoming a challenger marketer means you don’t just do what is easy, you do what’s right. You crave new ideas and opportunities, driven by a sense of purpose and guided by strong beliefs.

In our live panel of leading B2B Challengers; we will explore:
• How all B2B marketers can find the challenger within
• Real-world examples of the transformational impact of a ‘challenger’ approach in your marketing team
• Creating unforgettable B2B experiences to drive results
• Using creativity to define complex tech propositions
• Leveraging the Metaverse for ABM programmes

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