Full Name
Flavia Lledo
Job Title
Director of Global Marketing Communications
Flavia Lledo is a dynamic marketing leader with over 17 years of experience crafting strategic marketing initiatives across diverse industries on a global scale. Her multicultural background and worldwide expertise enrich her approach, allowing her to navigate complex business landscapes with ease. With a strong focus on B2B marketing, Flavia has honed her skills in the technology industry, where she is regarded as a trusted advisor and respected leader. Her data-driven approach and passion for fostering business success through effective communication are evident in her strategic endeavors and commitment to delivering results.

In her most recent role as Director of Global Marketing Communications at Hexagon Autonomy & Positioning, a global technology leader in digital reality solutions, Flavia Lledo spearheads innovative marketing strategies that drive business growth through successful GTM, Demand Generation, and Brand Awareness.
Flavia Lledo