Full Name
Lamiaa Farrag
Job Title
Growth Marketing Lead
Cigna Group
Lamiaa Farrag is a dynamic Growth Marketing Lead with an unwavering passion for enhancing business outcomes. Her extensive experience encompasses strategic planning, demand generation, global campaign management, and cross-functional collaboration across diverse industries. Lamiaa has left her mark in sectors including Manufacturing, Financial Services (banking and insurance), Consumer Goods, Professional Services, and Healthcare.

Here are the key highlights of Lamiaa’s impressive career:

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Lamiaa’s startup journey fuels her innovative approach to marketing leadership.
20+ Years of Marketing Leadership: With over two decades of experience, she brings strategic planning expertise, demand generation insights, and a collaborative mindset.
Marketing Transformation and Automation: Lamiaa specializes in designing and implementing transformative marketing strategies that consistently yield significant returns on investment. Her expertise extends to developing MarTech Roadmaps to support the execution of the Digital Marketing strategy.
ROI Champion: Lamiaa excels in designing and implementing transformative marketing strategies and automation solutions that deliver substantial returns on investment.
Trilingual Advantage: Fluent in English, Arabic, and German, she bridges cultural gaps and fosters collaboration across global markets.
Lamiaa Farrag is not only an adept entrepreneur and startup founder but also a trusted partner to global brands, government entities, and semi-government organizations across EMEA and North America. Some of the notable organizations she has collaborated with include: Continental GbmH, TÜV NORD GROUP, AXA Insurance, Bank Piraeus, CIL, Hilton, MAZDA, JEEP, Unified Industries Incorporated (UII), Cigna Corporation

Her data-driven decision-making approach and advocacy for Account-Based Experience (ABX) Strategies position her as a change agent in the marketing landscape.

In summary, Lamiaa is a results-driven Growth Marketing Lead who excels in optimizing business outcomes through strategic planning, demand generation, and cross-functional collaboration.
Lamiaa Farrag