Full Name
Scott Crawford
Job Title
Head of Marketing & Communications - North America
Many kids live in the same town throughout their childhood. Military
kids become citizens of the world. Such was the case for Scott
He spent his formative years living abroad in Turkey and South
Korea. Domestically, his experience was equally diverse as he
relocated to Alabama, New Mexico, Tennessee, Texas and
Washington, D.C.
Scott is ATOS North America’s Head of Marketing and
Communications. He officially adopted Texas as his home almost
20 years ago and lives in the Dallas area today.
Scott’s early career outlook had an entirely different trajectory than
marketing. “Initially I planned to be a central intelligence agency
(CIA) officer,” he says with a glint in his eyes.
Maybe his father’s career as an Army (special forces)
pilot piqued his interest in the CIA. Scott always admired the
infamous movie spy known as 007. Espionage always fascinated
“I was pursuing a degree in criminal justice but midway through
my freshman year, I switched to marketing,” he says. Scott wasn’t
thrilled with the financial forecast that a government job offered,
and he realized many CIA agents are analysts working in an
embassy, which wasn’t too appealing to Scott.
As soon as he dove into marketing, he knew he had found his
calling. Scott always envisioned he would be a marketing
He joined Atos about 30 months ago. Last spring, he officially took
the helm for NA’s Marketing and Communications team and
joined the Atos NA Executive Committee.
“It was a challenging experience because there was so much
change underway, I had a new, very talented team and we had to

deliver results while our new organization was rolling out things like
standard operating procedures,” he says. “What really helped me
was being able to talk with the ExCom leaders who were also
experiencing the same challenges. Realizing their vision, active
collaboration and a lot of persistence really paid off.”
Prior to joining Atos, Scott worked with DXC, which specializes in
business-to-business IT services. He also worked for an HVAC
manufacturer and the oil and gas industry.

Scott’s role is very dynamic. He oversees a lean team of eight
professionals located in Mexico and the United States. His
purview is broad—all Atos branding, collateral, and communications.
“We’re focused on how we present ourselves to the market—not
only the visual design but the strategic messaging that we deliver,”
he says.
Scott’s team is responsible for all external awareness
activities and promotional outreach which includes advertising,
digital marketing, media relations, social media, and employee
“My team has significant responsibility to ensure our
brand is positioned properly both internally and externally,” Scott
says. “We balance our branding and messaging to ensure our two
clients—Atos North American leadership and Atos Global—are
flawlessly executed.”
Scott and his team are constantly juggling multiple projects for the
company. His daily focus ranges from ensuring client
presentations are on brand and message to using the
right imagery, videos, and templates. Although marketing and
communications are different, it’s important both disciplines work in
tandem on everything they do.

According to Scott, employees play a critical role in supporting
the Atos brand. “Our employees can help move Atos forward
by sharing what we're doing across their own social networks,” Scott
“Employees are trusted thought leaders to their networks so
engaging them has the potential to reach an infinite audience,” he
says. Scott stresses employees need to actively manage their
own brands. “Always work on advancing your skills, taking new
opportunities and adopting a growth mindset so you can position
your personal brand and portfolio,” he advises.

Scott's favorite quote is attributed to Henry Ford,

founder of Ford Motor Company.

“Whether you think you can or you think you cannot,

you are right.”

Scott is a strong advocate for work/life balance. His biggest
priorities? His wife Stacey and 14-year-old son Scott III
(Trey) The family also has a pack of three dogs including a Shiba
Inu and two Huskies.
Physical fitness has always been one of Scott’s biggest priorities.
He played competitive lacrosse during high school and college.
He strives to lift weights and workout daily. In fact, he proclaims,
“If the bar’s not bending, you’re pretending.”
Additionally, snowboarding provides Scott with freedom to be
outdoors with a weightless experience that feels close to flying,
“except your feet are still on the ground.” He tries to hit the slopes
at least once a season with Breckenridge, Colo., as his favorite
boarding location.
Scott Crawford