Sessions on-demand

KEYNOTE - The marketing singularity: Large language models and the end of marketing as you knew it

Chris Penn, co-founder and chief data scientist,

KEYNOTE - Using the power of Propolis to optimise your marketing tech stack and team to weather the economic storm

Karla Wentworth, marketing technology & operations expert, B2B Marketing 

Tazmin Miah, senior manager, marketing data and operations, LCP

Holly Gage, senior manager, marketing operations, Oktaen van

Len van Hoogenhuijze, consultancy director, CRMT Digital

KEYNOTE - The three alignments for modern B2B - and why you can’t spell aligned without AI

Kerry Cunningham, research & thought leadership, 6sense

PROCESS OPTIMISATION - The single most effective tool in your tech stack: people

Karla Wentworth, marketing technology & operations expert, B2B Marketing 

CAMPAIGNS - Why marketing automation is essential for your business in 2023

Chris Dillon, director, Two Thirds Different

FUTUROLOGY - Inside community-led growth: How to get a head start in the future of marketing

Richard O'Connor, CEO, B2B Marketing

Charles Thiede, CEO, Zapnito

PROCESS OPTIMISATION - The importance of converging ABM and Demand to optimise your marketing budget this year

Steve Russell, strategic account director, Integrate 

Josh Turbill, head of digital, EMEA, Edelman

CAMPAIGNS - Is your Global Marketing truly global?

Shelby Torrence, CMO, Earthly

FUTUROLOGY - How is Artificial Intelligence reshaping martech as we know it?

Joya Scarlata, director of digital marketing, InterraIT

PROCESS OPTIMISATION - 4 steps to get your digital content to market faster

Roxanne Lewington, growth marketing manager EMEA & APAC, Canto

CAMPAIGNS - Why B2B brands need to get onto TikTok. RIGHT NOW!

Kwai Chi, marketing director, Elbaite

FUTUROLOGY - What the f*ck is Web3?

Tom Head, founder & CEO, Head First Comparative Linguistics

PROCESS OPTIMISATION - The digital marketing paradox

Max Wimnell, founder, Vekst

CAMPAIGNS - The power of automation: unlocking the potential of your people 

Hilton Young, head of customer success, Convertr  

John Breedon, director of dataops & performance, Twogether

FUTUROLOGY - Stealing world class methodologies to improve your MarTech Stack

Courtney McAra, marketing operations consultant, Mustang MarTech

M.H. Lines, CEO, Stack Moxie Link

PROCESS OPTIMISATION - Turn up in a downturn: How marketing teams can succeed during economic change

Dominique Catabay, director of demand generation, Act-ON

CAMPAIGNS - The rise of the metahumans

Virginia Bray, senior director & co-founder, Marketing Fusion

Korby Hayre, founder, House of Block

KEYNOTE - Experience powers the digital economy

Georgia Scott, head of solutions marketing, Adobe

KEYNOTE - Easy to buy, hard to run – Frameworks to make martech work

Steve Lok, expert senior director (AP), martech, Bain & Company



Hear how the biggest innovators and disruptors in B2B marketing are making their technology work harder to better support their strategy, enhance their team’s output and deliver some truly impressive campaign results.

Process optimisation

Martech lies at the heart of your business, and to be at its most efficient, your entire team needs to know how to make the most of it. This stage will examine how to align your people and internal processes to drive maximum value from your martech stack.


How do you create and deliver great B2B marketing campaigns? That’s the question that this stage seeks to answer, examining how using and optimising the right technology can deliver outstanding results, maximise effectiveness, and ensure a greater ROI.


Technology is ever-evolving, and it can be difficult to know what's just around the corner. This stage will explore the latest thinking in digital marketing evolution, whilst challenging assumptions about what the future of martech looks like.