Do more with less and accelerate your pipelines
Date & Time
Tuesday, May 23, 2023, 11:25 AM - 12:00 PM
Emilie Sanders Lee Jacob Golding Pamela Jacques

In this panel discussion we’re joined by Pamela Jacques, VP Corporate and Experiential Marketing at NETSCOUT, who’ll bring first-hand experience of how selectively investing in brand has directly led to an increase in customer engagement and demand generation performance. We’ll discover what doing more with less has meant for Pamela and NETSCOUT, given the current economic climate. Have expectations remained the same despite budgets being cut? What measurement solutions have helped her achieve her goals? 

We’ll also share the findings of a joint report we conducted with B2B six months ago which surveyed over 200 B2B marketers and look at what’s changed since then. Have all those predictions come true, or has there been a shift of emphasis within the market?  One thing’s for sure – maintaining a strong brand presence remains essential, as it helps accelerate deals and builds customer loyalty. Other organizations cutting brand spend can work in your favor as well – making yours cheaper and more efficient.

Although the market is volatile, we’ll discuss why you shouldn’t be tempted to cut brand budget. We’ll find out how their brand strategy has helped NETSCOUT get the message to market that they’re a platform company – not just a product company. On paper it may look as though you’re making savings to the bottom line, but this has proved to be a false economy for many organizations. While there’s no silver bullet to measure brand to demand, and defending brand budget can be a challenge, this session will show how organizations can quantify their brand spend, hearing how NETSCOUT has done just this.
You will learn:
Essential tips on how to do more with less.

  • Why having a strong brand presence is essential for accelerating deals and building customer loyalty.
  • How you can benefit financially when other organizations cut brand spend.
  • Why cutting brand budget is a false economy, especially when the market's volatile.
  • Strategies for quantifying and defending brand spend to maximize its impact on demand.
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