How can I show my boss that this event is worth attending?

As marketers, we know there’s pressure to prove the return on every single penny spent – and rightfully so! We also know that there’s a lot of events and content out there designed for you. With that in mind, we know that buying an event ticket isn’t always the care-free exercise it once was. So, if you need help convincing your boss that this event is worth attending, read on.

What's in it for the boss?

B2B Ignite is the most comprehensive B2B marketing learning and networking experience in the world, and that’s not an exaggeration. With 70 B2B marketing experts and leaders speaking on stage, your boss has the chance to get their team in front of the world’s greatest B2B marketers at brands like Aon, IBM, MicrosoftMitieMoody’s and Wipro.

Our speakers will help you: 

  • Understand how to create a distinct brand identity, that genuinely stands out in an increasingly crowded market. 
  • Figure out how to work closer with sales, and start proving the returns that marketing is driving. 
  • Understand exactly how your buyers behave, and how their needs and wants change throughout their interaction with your brand. 
  • Separate hype from reality, and know how to (and how not to) use the latest marketing technologies effectively.

In short, you’ll learn what best practice in B2B marketing looks like in a single day-long event. Forget trawling the internet and searching for relevant reports, webinars and blogs – B2B Ignite distils months of learning and inspiration into one single day. Is that something your boss can afford to pass up?

What if my boss still isn't convinced?

As we know, buying a ticket isn’t always straightforward! Below, we’ve listed some of the common objections you might hear, and how we’d recommend responding to them.


“It’s too expensive”

If you consider the number of sessions running this year (35!), the number of B2B experts (70+!), and the range of content stages (8, including everything from growth and innovation to B2B at scale), the return on investment from a £799 B2B Ignite ticket is huge. 

Plus, because you've read down this far, here's an exclusive 20% discount code: CONVINCETHEBOSS. Simply enter this while checking out, and use as many times as you need.


“I could get this information elsewhere”

We don’t claim to be re-inventing the wheel, and there absolutely is some amazing free content out there (including on The problem is, how much do you trust it? How do you know it’s relevant for you right now? We didn’t just get the domain name for no reason back in 2004. We are the world’s foremost authority on B2B marketing, and we’ve seen it all over the years. B2B Ignite gives you the peace of mind that you’re listening to marketers worth listening to. Stop wasting time trawling Google for a great report, and hear from the experts.


“We’re too busy”

We know! Marketers are some of the busiest people on Planet Earth, with endless to-do lists, and a say in almost every aspect of the business. With pressure to hit big targets, marketers can fall into the volume trap, thinking that more is more. Actually, we believe that marketers need to take back control, prove to the CEO what they should and shouldn’t be doing, and start being more effective with their time. B2B Ignite helps you do that by showing you exactly what the world’s greatest marketers are and aren’t doing, helping you up your game and give your boss more blessed time to work with.