Cutting through the fluff – with marketing innovation
Date & Time
Wednesday, July 3, 2024, 2:55 PM - 3:25 PM
Andrea Herbert

Come and hear about YOU and your amazing power as a marketer. How marketers, uniquely, bring a range of skills that combine to make us the greatest innovators of our time. When we use these skills, with credibility and confidence – we bring innovation to problems that can be revolutionary to our organisations.

Feel like everyone in your organization tells you how to do your job? Feel like AI is poised to take on your creative and productive usefulness? Sales asking for another white-paper? Someone suggesting you get branded umbrellas again? If this sounds familiar, come and remind yourself of your unique set of skills and leave hyped up to go back to your job and shake things up!

Andrea have a three step guide to becoming the most innovative marketer you can be, using your current skillset. This session will include practical advice you can roll-out immediately - including my go-to ‘ask’ for any C level Exec.

Andrea will show you examples where this has worked to solve multiple problems, create opportunity and save teams from over-working and burnout.

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