AI in Action!
Date & Time
Wednesday, July 3, 2024, 12:45 PM - 1:15 PM
Ryan Miles

2023 was the biggest year for Artificial Intelligence (AI) yet, and we are still just scratching the surface of what’s possible.   We have seen some incredible advancements, and use cases, which paints a clear portrait of the future, one brimming with possibilities, as generative AI takes centre stage.   

Generative AI has given us new, astonishing capabilities, to enhance our creativity using basic text prompts, ushering in one of the biggest transformative eras of our lifetime.  

Now in 2024 we’re moving into a time of ‘AI in action’ making it a practical tool for people of all backgrounds to use and reap the rewards at work, and in everyday life.   

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B2B at scale track