Full Name
Lynzi Ashworth
Job Title
Marketing Director
Lynzi Ashworth, is a forward-thinking marketing leader whose passion lies at the intersection of creativity and technology. Lynzi's fascination with how creative concepts can shift perceptions and the role technology plays in connecting people and ideas has propelled her career to remarkable heights.

Currently serving as the Global Marketing Director at Aon, Lynzi steers a dynamic team within this professional services giant, boasting 60,000 employees worldwide. Under her leadership, the team excels in strategic planning, project management, and analytics and reporting, driving innovation and effectiveness across global marketing initiatives.

Lynzi's approach to marketing transcends traditional boundaries, blending analytical precision with creative intuition. This unique perspective allows her to craft strategies that are not only data-driven but also resonate on a human level, fostering deeper connections and lasting impressions.

Beyond the realm of marketing, Lynzi is an avid adventurer and artist. Whether she's harnessing the wind while sailing, exploring new trails on a run, or embarking on countryside rides, Lynzi embraces the thrill of discovery and the beauty of the natural world. Her artistic endeavors, though she humbly claims to paint "badly," are yet another expression of her creative spirit and willingness to explore and experiment.
Lynzi Ashworth