Full Name
Shane Redding
Job Title
Propolis Expert for Strategy & Evolution
Why did I want to be a hive leader? Simply, the opportunity to learn from my peers; I think that b2b marketing is one of the most interesting disciplines to be a part of and I believe Propolis can enable us all to be better business leaders and thinkers. I am an independent consultant and expert trainer on strategic marketing and digital transformation with 30 years experience. I enjoy using my skills, network and knowledge to help global businesses transform their marketing by choosing and implementing strategies that work for them and their customers. My background includes deploying data, software and leading teams to make a real difference to results. My global clients include Ebay, Sika Group AG, Maersk Drilling, United Nations ITU division and I have previously worked with DnB, Thomson Reuters, Lexis Nexis, The Institute of Directors and Cisco as well organisations across professional services, manufacturing, membership associations, media and more. I enjoy portfolio working and also hold a number of board advisory roles with fast growth companies looking to build and exit applying my experience of management buyouts and trade sales.
Shane Redding