Full Name
Tejal Patel
Job Title
Global Digital Marketing
Tejal is a dynamic and customer-centric marketing leader with 25+ years of experience. Operating adeptly in growth-oriented and rapidly evolving environments, Tejal excels at leading transformations in complex organisations, most recently at Cisco where she led its in-house media transformation.

Tejal excels in fostering a culture of creativity, accountability, and collaboration. Her expertise lies in marketing leadership, digital marketing, demand generation, and transformational change, having successfully implemented innovative initiatives regionally and globally at companies such as Cisco, Microsoft, and Nokia.

Marketing can often be consumed by hype and hyperbole, especially in the age of AI. Tejal enables organisations to separate fact from fiction, put in place ambitious but achievable strategies and get them focused on tangible progress. She’s a turnaround expert and brings people with her through that change.
Tejal Patel