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We use our position in the industry to source people who really get to the heart of what you need to know. From data scientists to seasoned CMOs to motivational speakers, you can't find this calibre of line-up anywhere else.  To give you a taste of what to expect from a visit to Ignite USA, listen to a podcasts from one of our fabulous speakers.  To hear them live and in person, book your ticket to Ignite USA TODAY.

Influencers. No, it’s not all ‘use my discount code’, get ready with me, daily vlogs, trying out the latest viral hack or jumping on TikTok trends. For Ashley Zeckman, influencers can take your marketing efforts to the next level – without breaking the bank.

She joins Katie Martell, co-host at Ignite USA, to unpack why you need to get serious about influencer marketing. They discuss what getting it right (and wrong) looks like, how to bring influencers into the mix, and much more.

To find out more about influencer marketing, Ashley will be speaking at Ignite USA on May 23-24 in Chicago. 

Ignite USA is where the B2B marketing industry comes together to connect and be inspired by B2B pioneers and game changers. Join us for two days of inspirational talks, interactive workshops and roundtables to discuss your pain points and challenges in depth and help move your marketing forward to new frontiers.

Listen to the podcast here

Set the silos to one side, sales and marketing. On this week’s episode, Empire Selling’s CEO Dan Swift joins Katie Martell, co-host of Ignite USA, to explore how to get your teams singing off the same hymn sheet.

The pair walk through how misalignment is costing you an average of 10% in annual revenue and how you can change that. They explore creating a connected and empowered enterprise to break through the noise, why getting alignment is easier than you think it is, and why momentum is the name of the game in ‘23.

To find out more actionable insight from the best in class, secure your spot at Ignite USA. Over two days, you’ll hear from inspirational peers and pioneers, moving you forward to new frontiers. Take your marketing to the next level here: events.b2bmarketing.net/igniteusa/tic…rketing_teams

Listen to the podcast here


Media Volery LLC’s president and chief strategist, Zontee Hou, joins Katie Martell, co-host at Ignite USA, to discuss how to get your marketing pipes singing in unison.

They discuss why time’s up on not creating personalised, resonant content, why a great marketer is a curious one, the importance of creating agnostic communities à la Reddit (yes, Reddit), and setting the confirmation bias to one side to make informed decisions.

 Zontee will be speaking on Tuesday May 23 at 13.40 at Ignite USA.

Listen to the pod cast here

With over two decades at the helm of digital marketing innovation, it’s safe to say that Andy Crestodina knows his stuff.

The co-founder of award-winning marketing agency, Orbit Media, author of bestselling handbook, Content Chemistry, and Website Wizard (we couldn’t resist the alliteration) joins Ignite USA’s co-host, Katie Martell, to share some of his wisdom.

The pair track how the digital landscape has changed since the early noughties, explore why your platform is the foundation of marketing, and discuss why trust should be on your agenda in ‘23.

To find out more actionable insights, join us at Ignite USA. Andy will be speaking Wednesday, 24 May 2023, at 12:05

Listen to the podcast here

The ‘Brave New World’ of AI with Paul Roetzer

The robots are taking over! The copywriter is dead! Long live ChatGPT!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’ve heard it all before. Set aside the scifi, dear listener. Paul Roetzer joins us for your AI reality check.

He speaks with Katie Martell, co-host of Ignite USA, to demystify some of the biggest AI BS you’ve been hearing. They discuss why what you (think you) know about AI isn’t the case, moving the conversation from ‘cool tools’ to the application and implication of new tech, and why the marketer of the future doesn’t fear change, but is willing to experiment and explore.

Join us at Ignite USA on Tuesday May 23rd at 13:30 to hear Paul speak more on the dawn of the next gen B2B marketer. 

Listen to the podcast here

Jon Russo joins shenanigan-filled host Katie Martell (her words, not ours) to unpack how to make your account-based strategies more effective and key learnings you can expect from his session at Ignite USA. They discuss:

  • Getting your team singing off the same disciplined ICP hymn sheet in order to scale.
  • What you’re getting wrong about measurement (and how to get it right).
  • Translating marketing-speak for sales and the c-suite.
  • Why change isn’t a one-on-one conversation.

Of course, we can’t give away all of Jon’s secrets to success in this ep!  Jon will be speaking at Ignite USA on Wednesday May 24th at 14:10. Creating a unified funnel for better visibility and flexibilit

Listen to the podcast here

Listen to B2B’s head of content David Rowlands and special guest Chris Penn, co-founder and chief data scientist at Trustinsights.ai, dive into the world of AI powered marketing.

They will navigate the opportunities and challenges of AI in marketing. David and Chris ask the big question: Will robots steal our jobs or make our lives easier?

Listen to the podcast here

Hear Chris speak in person at Ignite USA on Wednesday May 24th at 11.10. The marketing singularity: Large language models and the end of marketing as you know it.

Pam Didner

Relentless Pursuit, LLC

B2B Marketing Consultant, Author, Podcaster

Where can you start on getting a full sales enablement function? How can marketers get to grips with what sales actually need? How can you create a content marketing strategy that delivers genuine value to your customers?

We put all these questions and more to Pam Didner. Click below to find out all the secrets to supporting sales.

Listen to the podcast here

Pam will be running a workshop on Tuesday, May 23 from 13:00 - 15:30 :  How can marketing and marketing ops better support sales in a changing environment?.  Numbers for workshops are limited so please make sure to reserve your place when booking your ticket to Ignite USA