Six actions to transform B2B sales and marketing with generative AI
Date & Time
Wednesday, March 13, 2024, 10:05 AM - 10:40 AM
Johan Thorbjörnsson

Generative AI continues to deliver an iterative cycle of step-changes in marketing and sales. One that is not slowing down. Each change unleashes a new wave of productivity. A new superpower.  An opportunity to get closer to customers and predict what prospects desire. Each evolvement widens the revenue opportunity. But, it’s not always straightforward  - teams need to be redefined and reshaped. This session will explore the most successful generative AI use cases in sales and marketing. And how to implement the new sales and marketing playbook.

You will learn:

  • How companies that invest in AI are seeing a revenue uplift of 3 to 15 percent.
  • How organisations that invest in AI are seeing a sales ROI uplift of 10 to 20 percent.
  • Where automation in the sales and marketing function is likely to happen.
  • Why prospecting and lead generation are two early use cases of where generative AI is turbo-charging marketing and sales efforts.
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