Transforming your go-to-market strategy through a converged growth lens
Date & Time
Wednesday, May 24, 2023, 2:55 PM - 3:30 PM
Adam Needles Martin Schneider

NOW is the moment to re-think your go-to-market strategy -- to improve customer engagement and to maximize growth, both pre-sale and post-sale.

Research has made the opportunity clear. Gartner has noted that companies embracing Converged Growth strategies with blended teams and programs outperform peers by 50%, while Forrester say companies taking a full journey approach to go-to-market can be twice as successful and see higher retention rates and improved brand awareness.

This keynote session will tackle the why, what and how that your organization must consider to transform its go-to-market strategy through what ANNUITAS refers to as a Converged Growth lens - building continuity throughout marketing, sales and customer success interactions to create a perpetual, predictable and scalable Growth Engine.

Adam Needles, CEO of ANNUITAS, and Martin Schneider, Head of Research for ANNUITAS | research, will break out the business case, outline an ideal 'to-be' state and set forth a roadmap for organizations to drive this transformation.
Key areas the session will dig into include:

  • What 'is' a Converged Growth approach to go-to-market?
  • Operationalizing go-to-market around customer journey -- both pre- and post-sale
  • Converged Growth organizational design - bridging marketing, sales and customer success
  • Rationalizing system architecture and other technologies to enable the Customer Data Value Chain
  • Re-thinking GTM KPIs and accountability for a Converged Growth mindset
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