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On-demand recordings for Ignite USA 2023 are now available for all registrants to the event. To access the recordings, simply click on your chosen session(s) below and enter the username and password you created when you registered for the event.

If you didn't register for the 2023 conference but still want to catch up on the on-demand content, contact Louise Edkins to find out how to gain access to the recordings.


Come and join our strategy track to learn more about building and implementing your marketing strategy, cost management, value proposition design, go-to-market, transformation, and the future of marketing.

Creativity & innovation

Our creativity and innovation track will help you to understand how to engage your audience through world-class content, events and creative, as well as how to optimise your marketing channels

Experience & engagement

Understand the importance of an excellent customer experience and the impact this can have on a client's engagement. Learn more about how to improve your customer experience, and deliver long-term success for your organisation.


Understand how to build long- lasting growth, the importance of protecting and growing existing clients as well as new business, how to finesse your ABM programmes, and why looking internally at your team is so important for company growth.

Marketing operations

Our marketing operations track will help you to ensure that as digital marketing evolves, you are equipped with the tools and intelligence you need to optimise your campaigns, drive value from your martech stack, and plan your next big step.

Day 1

KEYNOTE: Nothing works anymore: Why B2B needs a new playbook 

Jon Miller , Chief Marketing Officer,  Demandbase


Driving sustained growth, not cuts: Avoiding the perilous pathway to ‘switch off and switch on’ marketing. 

Steve Cheliotis,  Global Brand Insights Director,    Gravity Global

Josh Okun, Chief Innovation Officer   Gravity Global

LaSandra Brill, VP, Global Digital Marketing    NVIDIA

Robert T. Hastings, Jr., Principal   Robert Hastings & Associates

Lindsey Salens, VP, Strategic Marketing   Cerifi


Do more with less and accelerate your pipelines

Emilie Sanders Lee, EVP, Global Analytics,    Just Global, Inc.

Jacob Golding, VP Strategy    Just Global

Pamela Jacques, AVP Corporate Marketing     Netscout


Beyond the hype: ABM, intent and content strategies that drive ROI

Sameer Datta, CEO,    OnDot Media

Creativity & Innovation

How B2B marketers can use ChatGPT and 10 other AI tools

Mike Kaput, Chief Content Officer,    Marketing AI Institute


Not all MQLs are created equal - How to crush your goals with high-intent sources 

Alison Frederick , Director of Demand Generation & Advertising,  Workiva


How to power your marketing decision-making through data & analytics

Zontee Hou, President,    Media Volery


The B2B marketing organization - right people / right seats

Phil Grabfield , SVP Marketing,  E&I Cooperative Services

Creativity & Innovation

Using content as evidence of your most important claims 

Melanie Deziel Cofounder


Creating a unified, integrated global marketing team for one of America's fastest growing companies

Kyle Brigham, Chief Strategy Officer    Marcel Digital

Brian Bourke, Chief Growth Officer   SEKO Logistics


Marketing's role in creating an inclusive future: Workforce + supplier diversity

Karen McFarlane, Chief Marketing Officer    LetterShop x KMC


Moving your career forward from imposter syndrome, perfectionism, fear, & certainty 

Karen Cooper,Director, Marketing - Content Experience      Wolters Kluwer

3 essentials of a successful B2B content program

James Meyers, Managing Director    The Mx Group


Media strategy reboot: Mastering the fundamentals to drive growth in turbulent times

Mani Sian, Media Strategy Director     The Croc

Creativity & Innovation

The new frontier of B2B influence: Inside out

Lee Odden, CEO & Co Founder    TopRank Marketing


Blazing a trail: Pioneering the uncharted territories of B2B marketing by Propolis

Emily Gravel, Senior Manager of Digital Demand Strategy     VMware

Shane Redding, Propolis Expert for Strategy & Evolution   B2B Marketing

Steve Mudd, Head of Content Marketing   NetApp

Ashley Zeckman, VP, Strategy & Customer Success   Onalytica


Pivot! Pivot! Navigating life’s many messy curveballs with Paralympian Anna Johannes

Day 2 


Could a robot replace your marketing team?

Carmen Simon,Chief Science Officer      Corporate Visions


Creating an intelligent ABM engine as innovative as criminals: Behind the scenes of an multi award-nominated programme from Digital Radish

Lorna Charlish, Managing Director & Co-founder     Digital Radish

Renaye Edwards, Managing Director   Digital Radish

Christine Broomhead, VP Field and Pipeline Marketing     Quantexa


Customer marketing: How to win in the new growth battleground

Chris Burke,ABM & Product Strategy Director      The Marketing Practice

Experience & Engagement

How to win big returns by marketing to superior audiences – with case studies

Izzie Rivers, CEO    Realm B2B

Experience & Engagement

The marketing singularity: Large language models and the end of marketing as you knew it 

Christopher Penn, Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist


Bridging the gap: Integrating go-to-market KPIs across multiple motions

Jon Russo, CMO & Founder      B2B Fusion

Experience & Engagement

Lead generation best practices (learned from 500+ website redesigns)

Andy Crestodina, Co-founder & CMO      Orbit Media Studios

Marketing Operations

The key to B2B isn’t demand generation, it’s value creation

Ted Kohnen, CEO      Park & Battery

Experience & Engagement 

5 things your sales leaders don’t want you to know

Dan Swift, CEO    Numentum


B2Bolder, B2Braver, B2Better

David Jordan, President at Bader Rutter and Partner at    BBN International

Marketing Operations

People, process & systems: Critical components beyond MOPs 

Emily Gravel,Senior Manager of Digital Demand Strategy      VMware


Manufacturing marketing goes mainstream: How industrial creators are revolutionizing original video content

James Soto ,Industrial Marketer, Founder and Speaker    Industrial Strength Marketing

Marketing Operations

Ten steps to customer reactivation

Ruth Stevens, President     eMarketing Strategy

Experience & Engagement

The future of content in B2B marketing

Michael Brenner, CEO     Marketing Insider Group


Transforming your go-to-market strategy through a converged growth lens

Adam Needles, CEO       ANNUITAS, Inc.

Martin Schneider, Head of Research      ANNUITAS | research


Strategy and swinging for the fences… 

Phil Clement , Chief Marketing Officer     Johnson Controls