Free ticket offer to marketers recently laid off

Recognising that times are tough, and to help support B2B marketers who have been affected, we’re offering 30 free places to Ignite USA to B2B marketers who have recently been laid off. 

“So many talented marketers have found themselves out of a job for no fault of their own, simply being a victim of circumstances,” says Joel Harrison, Editor-in-chief at B2B Marketing. “The best thing marketers in that position can do is to continue to develop their marketing skills, their marketing knowledge and their networks. Attending Ignite USA will help them do all three – as well as inspiring them with some fantastic presentations.

"We’re passionate about helping B2B marketers succeed, and we hope this small initiative will help at least some of those affected take the next valuable step.”

To apply for one of these 30 free tickets, complete the form at the link below. Once you have completed the form, the team will be in touch

to let you know if you are eligible for a free ticket.