Inspiration, innovation and intelligence for marketing-fuelled growth

Get inspired by the very latest innovation and intelligence from experts who are forging the way ahead in B2B. Adapt to dynamic industry changes, implement future proof strategies, and be empowered to use marketing to fuel business growth at B2B Ignite 2024.

B2B Ignite 2024 saw 500+ B2B marketers from 200+ top brands hear from 70 B2B innovators sharing 100s of new strategic ideas across 8 core content tracks.

2024 Speaker Highlights

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The biggest B2B learning & networking experience in the world

Drive efficiency and free up your time

It’s not 2023 any more: you know that AI isn’t going to take your job. In fact, you know that marketers who can use AI will take the jobs of marketers who can’t. That’s why this year at Ignite you’ll learn how to leverage AI’s power without sacrificing your unique voice, plus how to integrate AI into your strategy to drive efficiency and take back more time to think on a strategic level.

Actionable insights from B2B innovators

The B2B marketing landscape is dynamic, and it will continue to shift as we move into 2024. At Ignite, you’ll explore the very latest tactics and innovation from over 70 experts who are forging the way ahead. If you don’t come and learn how to stay ahead of the curve, your competitors will.

Network with the B2B community

Forge valuable relationships and gain insights from other B2B marketing leaders at our brand new networking-led sessions, from hackathons addressing real-world marketing challenges, to dig deepers and CMO interview with the board.

Learn to nail campaigns at scale

At our brand new B2B at scale content track, you’ll learn how to create and deliver excellent B2B marketing campaigns at scale, leading to broad market reach, optimisation of precious resources, meeting revenue goals and ultimately staying competitive in a challenging landscape.

Boost your core B2B competencies

This year, your team can upskill in new competencies with an expanded training course programme the day before the conference. This year we are running AI Writing Fundamentals for B2B and Storytelling Courses as well as ABM Essentials and Content Marketing.

Use exclusive data to inform your strategy

This year, we are using Propolis data - real-time data collected from the B2B marketing community - to inform session content throughout the event. So, you’ll be able to access the very latest industry trends, and learn how your organisation measures up in terms of budgets, ROI, customer attrition and team structure.

2024 Ignite onsite 

Take a look at a run down of what else happened onsite at Ignite, including the release of the latest Community Index Report, our B2B Marketing Awards entry gallery, and more!