Upskill your teams and enhance your learning with our expanded training course programme for B2B Ignite 2024

Date: 2 July 2024  | Timings: 9am - 5pm  | Venue: Central London, TBC

Deal: if you send one team member to each of our four training courses, you'll get the fourth pass HALF PRICE.

Just use the code DIVIDEANDCONQUER at the checkout.

Training Courses

ABM Essentials

This course will give you a complete walk-through of all the fundamentals that you will need to get ABM embedded in your organisation’s approach to marketing & sales. You will gain a highly practical overview of how ABM works, what it looks like in practice, and how to adopt and deliver it successfully in your business.

The ABM Essentials course is one our most established courses with over 700 delegates successfully trained by Faculty ABM expert Robert Norum over the last three years.

B2B Storytelling

Effective storytelling helps trigger the part of our brain which creates ‘gut’ reactions: the limbic brain. It is an emotional decision-making tool, which predates language. It is here that we decide what we like, love and will spend money on before our logical mind splutters into action. If you start with hard facts rather than emotion, you are already set to fail.

Led by proven marketing leader Joshua Morse, who specialises in business growth in the international SaaS software sector, this course will equip you with the knowledge and tools to tell your story in a way that matters to your target audience.