Why should you attend B2B Ignite?

B2B Ignite is the most comprehensive B2B marketing learning and networking experience in the world, and that’s not an exaggeration. With 70 B2B marketing experts speaking, you'll get front of the world’s greatest B2B marketers from organisations like Aon, IBM, MicrosoftMitieMoody’s and Wipro.

Our expert B2B speakers will help you: 

  • Understand how to create a distinct brand identity, that genuinely stands out in an increasingly crowded market. 
  • Figure out how to work closer with sales, and start proving the returns that marketing is driving. 
  • Understand exactly how your buyers behave, and how their needs and wants change throughout their interaction with your brand. 
  • Separate hype from reality, and know how to - and how not to - use the latest marketing technologies effectively.

In short, you’ll learn what best practice in B2B marketing looks like in a single day-long event. Forget trawling the internet and searching for relevant reports, webinars and blogs – B2B Ignite distils months of learning and inspiration into one single day. Is that something you can afford to pass up?

Worried about missing a session? All registrants will be able to access sessions on-demand for 3 months post-event.

Take a look at some top sessions...

Communicating the commercial value of marketing with the board

KEYNOTE | 10.25AM - 11.00AM

Key session takeaways:

  • How to align marketing strategies with revenue goals to demonstrate direct impact and ROI
  • How to utilise data analytics and marketing metrics to track and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • How to translate marketing metrics into financial terms that resonate with board members
  • Why marketing needs to collaborate closely with sales, finance, and other departments to gain insights and support for marketing initiatives

Session speakers:

B2B Marketing
Editor-in-Chief & Founder
Virgin Media O2 Business
Marketing Director
ex-VMware, Yext, Adobe, Microsoft, Ariba
CMO & Advisor
Vice President of International Marketing

Measuring what matters: The secret to tracking brand success

BRAND | 11.25AM - 12.00AM

Key session takeaways:

  • The fundamental principles of brand building and demand generation in the B2B context
  • The evolution of these strategies over time and the driving forces behind their change
  • The unique challenges faced when implementing a two-speed marketing strategy and practical solutions to overcome them
  • Effective methodologies for measuring the impact and success of your marketing efforts, ensuring both short-term gains and long-term growth

Session speaker:

Marketing Director

The power of full funnel campaigns

B2B AT SCALE | 2.55PM - 3.25PM

Key session takeaways:

  • How Moody’s shell company campaign generated awareness through 40+ press articles including in Bloomberg, CNN & Fortune, paid & organic social posts, digital ads, an interactive data story, campaign landing page, email outreach, blog posts, a podcast and a webinar
  • Success measures for middle of the funnel consideration
  • How this translated into leads
  • How Moody’s combines marketing tactics for maximum effect

Session speaker:

Senior Director, Marketing, Europe & Africa

If you've attended B2B Ignite before, why attend again?

Discover how to harness AI’s potential without losing your unique touch.

It’s not 2023 any more: you know that AI isn’t going to take your job. In fact, you know that marketers who can use AI will take the jobs of marketers who can’t. That’s why at Ignite 2024, you’ll learn how to leverage Gen AI’s power without sacrificing your unique voice and artistic vision, plus how to seamlessly integrate AI into your marketing strategy to drive efficiency and take back more time to think on a strategic level.


Learn how to create and deliver excellent B2B marketing campaigns at scale

At our brand new B2B at scale content track, you’ll learn how to create and deliver excellent B2B marketing campaigns at scale, leading to broad market reach, optimisation of precious resources, meeting revenue goals and ultimately staying competitive in a challenging landscape.


Build connections easily at new facilitated networking sessions

You will forge valuable new relationships and gain raw insights from other B2B marketing leaders at our brand new networking-led sessions for 2024, from hackathons addressing real-world marketing challenges, to dig deepers, a CMO interview with the board, and a panel focusing on the voice of B2B’s new generation.


Discover how your organisation measures up against others

This year, we are using our Community Index - real-time data collected from the B2B marketing community - to inform session content. We will also be releasing physical copies of our latest Community Index Report onsite. So, you’ll be able to access the very latest industry trends, and learn how your organisation measures up in terms of budgets, ROI, customer attrition and team structure compared to your own sector and our wider global B2B community.


Elevate your team's essential B2B skills with an expanded training programme

Your team can upskill in new competencies with an expanded training course programme the day before the conference. This year we are running Copywriting for AI and Storytelling Courses as well as ABM Essentials and Content Marketing.