TRAINING: Content Marketing
Date & Time
Friday, June 30, 2023, 8:55 AM - 4:00 PM
Ruth Connor

Please note that this training day will run from 9am to 4pm and is only available to two day + training ticket holders.

Before COVID struck, lots of B2B marketers were using content marketing to fill the top of the funnel. As we continue to get to grips with a new marketing landscape, content marketing has a new purpose beyond brand awareness, to building trust and loyalty. For many B2B brands, it’s now critical to demonstrate brand purpose, support the customer experience and develop long-term customer relationships. 

Content marketing is at the heart of most successful B2B campaigns but if “you’re not changing behavior for the good of the business in some way, you are just producing content, not content marketing,” says Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute. We explore what it takes to produce effective content marketing and what you can do to avoid the most common challenges – cutting through the content overload, only thinking tactics and delivering to internal requests without having a joined-up strategy.

In this practical interactive training course, we’ll reset your content marketing strategy to make sure it aligns to shifting business goals and the current pain points and challenges of your target and existing customers. We’ll help set your brand apart from the competition and add value to your customers, your sales team and your business.

What you will learn on this content marketing course:

  • Set clearly defined, achievable content marketing goals
  • Auditing what’s working and where you might need to make some improvements 
  • How to reset your content marketing strategy  
  • Using customer and business insight to find your sweet spot 
  • Why you need to understand your customer pain points and revisit them regularly 
  • Personalising your content to your target customer 
  • How content marketing can support the entire customer journey from top of funnel all the way through to adding value to customer relationships
  • Why there has never been a more important time to develop sales and customer enablement for a truly digital sales journey 
  • How to adapt content for account-based marketing 
  • Examine the activities needed to support your content marketing – from asset creation to distribution, tools and tech, and internal briefing so your content marketing meets your goals.