TRAINING: B2B Copywriting
Date & Time
Friday, June 30, 2023, 8:55 AM - 4:00 PM
David McGuire

Please note that this training day will run from 9am to 4pm and is only available to two day + training ticket holders.

The ability to write with impact – and to give objective feedback on written content – is a key skill for B2B marketers at all levels.

Where most effective B2B content formats are text-based, better writing means better results. And this course will give you confidence and skills – with B2B-specific examples – to take your writing to a new level.

In this practical in=person training day, leading B2B copywriter David McGuire will share a clear, structured approach to writing and reviewing professional B2B marketing copy – creating content that delivers on your objectives.

David is creative director at Radix Communications, the UK’s largest copywriting agency dedicated to B2B marketing content. He writes for B2B brands like Microsoft, Oracle and Mitsubishi on subjects as diverse as engineering processes, human resources transformation and cybersecurity risk.

At Radix, part of David’s role is to help mentor and train the next generation of professional B2B copywriters – giving him a practical, workshop approach. He’s also an experienced presenter, hosting both the UK’s national copywriting conference and the “Good Copy, Bad Copy” podcast.

What you’ll learn: Key skills to tackle five essential B2B content formats

This is no generic writing course. With 15 years’ dedicated B2B writing experience, David has created this course to address the real issues B2B marketers face – like how to:

  • Write with authority and power, and avoid common B2B mistakes
  • Make technical subjects clear and compelling – without “dumbing down”
  • Obtain better quality content from stakeholders and writers
  • Succeed in popular B2B content formats, including blog posts, emails, and web copy
  • Humanise your brand through smart use of voice and tone

You’ll leave with an armful of practical tips you can apply straight away – that are nothing like the English lessons we learned at school.