Martech Vendor Spotlight Report 2024 for Account-Based Marketing

It’s hard to imagine the world of B2B marketing without martech. It has been one of the primary drivers of transformation in the profession for almost two decades, and continues to accelerate in terms of scope and consequently potential. But an explosion in the number of vendors has led to a bewildering array of products and solutions for even the most technologically proficient marketers. It’s already a complex environment, and it’s progressively becoming harder and harder to assess what’s available and (more important still) what’s most relevant for specific needs and use cases. That’s precisely the problem that we’ve tried to address in launching this report.

What is the The Martech Vendor Spotlight for Account-Based Marketing?

The Martech Vendor Spotlight for Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a report on a broad mix of vendors with a wide variety of claims: data collection and analytics, targeted advertising, marketing campaign orchestration, enabling intelligent engagement, and even sales enablement. ABM is a purely B2B imperative – many people would even say B2B marketing is ABM. But others would promote account-based marketing and selling.

A total of 26 vendors were assessed and rated, who between them provide technology which enables a broad spectrum of the activities that constitute ABM.