2024 Agenda

Content themes

How do you create and deliver great B2B marketing campaigns? This theme will examine how using and optimising the right technology can deliver outstanding results, maximise effectiveness, and lead to a greater return on investment.

This theme will show you how to take advantage of the ever-evolving nature of technology and AI. You will explore the latest thinking in digital marketing evolution, and assess how you can optimise your marketing with cutting edge artificial intelligence.

Martech lies at the heart of your business, and to be at its most efficient, your entire team needs to know how to make the most of it. This theme aims to examine how you can align your people and internal processes to drive maximum value from your martech stack.

9:30 AM

As the martech landscape continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, staying ahead of the curve is more crucial than ever. With 42% of marketing leaders increasing their technology investments, those who fail to adapt risk falling behind their competitors.

This session will equip you with the knowledge and strategies you need to navigate the ever-changing martech landscape and thrive in 2024. We'll delve into the key trends that shaped 2023 and uncover the emerging trends that will define the future of marketing technology.

Don't miss this opportunity to:

  • Understand the impact of 2023 martech trends on your marketing strategies.
  • Gain exclusive insights into the next wave of martech trends.
  • Identify and seize the opportunities presented by emerging martech solutions.
10:05 AM

Generative AI continues to deliver an iterative cycle of step-changes in marketing and sales. One that is not slowing down. Each change unleashes a new wave of productivity. A new superpower.  An opportunity to get closer to customers and predict what prospects desire. Each evolvement widens the revenue opportunity. But, it’s not always straightforward  - teams need to be redefined and reshaped. This session will explore the most successful generative AI use cases in sales and marketing. And how to implement the new sales and marketing playbook.

You will learn:

  • How companies that invest in AI are seeing a revenue uplift of 3 to 15 percent.
  • How organisations that invest in AI are seeing a sales ROI uplift of 10 to 20 percent.
  • Where automation in the sales and marketing function is likely to happen.
  • Why prospecting and lead generation are two early use cases of where generative AI is turbo-charging marketing and sales efforts.
10:40 AM

B2B buying is in crisis – buying groups are expanding in size and taking longer to make decisions, and yet individuals within them increasingly operate ‘under-the-radar’, making judgements and researching options long before they engage openly and can be actively influenced. Staggeringly it is estimated that 84 per cent of decisions are made before vendors are engaged, and that figure can increase when sellers use heavy handed or disproportionate means to ‘crash’ this conversation before buyers are ready.

This creates a massive challenge for both marketing and sales, and one that’s becoming more acute with each passing year. So what can be done? In this session, we’ll explore the new paradigm of buyer engagement, and how brands can unmask the undercover buyer in order to engage more effectively, assisting them in their journey and dramatically increasing
chances of success. You’ll learn:

  • The three Universal Truths of B2B buying that are reshaping marketing and sales strategies.
  • Effective strategies to leverage your tech-stack to unmask the undercover buyer
  • How to collaborate with stakeholders to harmonise relationships and amplify results
11:15 AM
11:40 AM

Is your company expecting to produce more content than ever in 2024? Could AI boost productivity? About half (49%) of B2Bs are using AI for creating content - but how are they managing it? This session will take a closer look at Canto’s 2024 State of Digital Content report to uncover strategies to align your team and ensure maximum value from your martech stack. Throughout the session, you will:

  • Understand the challenges and opportunities associated with an anticipated surge in content demand
  • Gain insights into what successful brands' strategies are for increasing content ROI
  • Learn how to efficiently scale content production to meet the demands of 2024 and beyond

Join us as we navigate the evolving landscape of digital content, providing you with the tools and strategies to excel in 2024 and beyond.

Hear how Capgemini’s campaign at one of the world's largest retail conferences took retail clients on a journey to find business value amidst the chaos. Discover how their virtual and physical approach served as an oasis for some of the world's biggest retailers. Through hosted discussions led by retail leaders, organised bespoke events, and guided tours of New York City's most innovative retailers, clients witnessed first-hand inspirational innovation in action. This immersive client experience empowered retailers to transition from disruption to opportunity, fostering lasting relationships and ongoing growth.

Learn how Capgemini’s Consumer Products & Retail Marketing team used this opportunity to help clients explore the future of retail and the boundless potential it holds.

You will learn:

  • Strategies for leveraging industry disruption as a messaging opportunity for transformation.
  • Techniques for customising executive experiences specifically tailored to C-level audiences.
  • Approaches to seamlessly integrate virtual and physical event experiences for enhanced audience engagement.
  • The art of designing bespoke and captivating client tours during major industry events to foster enduring relationships and facilitating growth.
12:15 PM

Is it possible to reimagine a tax and accountancy firm that has roots going back to the 1800s? Tasked with closing the consideration gap with key buyers, join PwC for an exploration into how they chose to tackle one of today's pressing societal issues - climate change - through the use of the metaverse and other immersive technologies.

What you'll learn:

  • How leveraging brand insights encouraged us to look at a new way to talk about climate change and our commitment to sustainability in an engaging way
  • The complex journey of bringing aboard multiple stakeholders and developing an experience that never been done before
  • How we created a fully integrated campaign leveraging various digital and media platforms
  • How we're going beyond the metaverse and incorporating immersive experiences into our flagship marketing campaigns

This case study session will take a deep dive into Gamma's transition from a standard form based conversion to a world leading conversational based conversion team.

Join Joe to discover how Gamma harnessed the power of cutting-edge technologies to revolutionise their conversion process, transcending outdated marketing norms enforced by today's automation platforms. Experience the shift from conventional tactics to a dynamic, data-driven approach enabled by top-tier pipeline generation platforms. And, as if that weren't thrilling enough, of course, there’s AI!


You will learn:

  • How Gamma navigated away from a legacy lead capture methodology
  • An outline of the revops tech stack that Gamma have had success with
  • How to operationalise conversational marketing platforms
  • Prerequisites for success, learnings and insight from Gammas journey
  • How Gamma are trialing Generative AI in their Demand Gen & Capture activities 
12:50 PM

Join this fireside chat with Sophie Rausch, Head of Digital Marketing at Randstad Enterprise, as she delves into strategies for streamlining and optimising martech efficiency amid a phased brand transformation across sub-divisions. Explore how she is navigating resource limitations, ensuring a seamless ABM program relaunch through a strategic Demandbase partnership, and reshaping the martech stack for ultimate success.

You'll learn:

  • Martech stack overview: Explore Randstad Enterprise's martech components and priorities for streamlining.

  • Efficiency amid limitations: Navigate resource constraints using technology for optimal performance.

  • ABM relaunch blueprint: Define essential processes and tech for a successful ABM program relaunch.

  • Strategic Demandbase alignment: Ensure success by aligning with Demandbase in the overall tech stack.

EY's B2B Marketing Gold Award-winning NextWave gamified team experience is a shining example of how gamification can be used to engage employees and drive brand ambition. The game was designed to be fun, innovative, and team-based, and it was rolled out in a phased approach to ensure that all employees had the opportunity to participate.

The results of NextWave were impressive. Over 80,000 employees took part in the experience, and feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Employees reported feeling more inspired and engaged, and they had a better understanding of their role in delivering the company's brand ambition.

NextWave is a case study that all B2B marketing technology professionals should learn from. EY has shown that gamification can be a powerful tool for connecting employees to the brand and to each other, and for driving real business results!

Audience Key Takeaways:

  • How you can use gamification as a powerful tool for engaging employees with brand ambition.
  • By creating a competitive and rewarding team experience, you can help employees to understand their role in delivering the ambition and how it will affect their day-to-day lives.
  • To make the experience personally relevant, it is important to involve employees in the co-creation process and to ensure that the game is accessible to all cultures and skill sets.
1:20 PM
2:20 PM

Starting in January 2023, Mott MacDonald embarked on a project to implement a new marketing activity tracking software for every marketer across the firm.  

Prior to adopting the new software, the company had seven marketing teams, using different methods of organising, recording and tracking their work. Through the adoption of Optimizely’s content marketing platform, the diverse teams now work in a united way. This has resulted in a range of benefits for individual marketers, team managers and senior leaders across the business.  

Emily will cover how she led the implementation of the software to match the company’s structure. She will describe how Mott MacDonald’s marketers created new ways of working across diverse teams, as well as encouraging adoption and embedding positive behaviours for individuals. Emily will focus on how the technology enabled the marketing function within Mott MacDonald to better serve the business for the long term. 

You will learn:

  • The level of investment and commitment required - beyond the cost of the software - to get it right.  
  • How to motivate colleagues to change their ways of working, when they are busy with day-to-day demands.
  • Applicable steps and tactics to encourage and ensure adoption across all colleagues with different motivations.

You’ll leave with an understanding of the structured process, and a suite of tactics needed, to implement and adopt a content marketing platform in your organisation. 

Tired of sifting through cold leads and missed connections? This fireside chat will unveil the hidden power of social media for B2B success. This session will dive into leveraging platforms like LinkedIn and TikTok, a goldmine of first-party data just waiting to be tapped. You'll gain unparalleled insights into your target audience and the knowledge on how to grow your community through content. Imagine pinpointing decision-makers eager for your solution, understanding their needs, and engaging them in personalised conversations, all before they even hit your radar.

This session will arm you with actionable strategies to:

  • Craft irresistible lead magnets using social data
  • Nurture warm relationships with laser-focused content
  • Turn conversations into conversions seamlessly
  • Use organic content to grow your community

Explore the intersection of technology and customer focus in our session, "Enhancing Buying Group Marketing with AI: Balancing Tech Innovation with Customer Centricity." In this dynamic presentation, we'll delve into how AI and technological advancements can be effectively harnessed to gain deeper insights into buying groups, optimising your B2B marketing strategy.

Learn practical ways to integrate cutting-edge tech tools without losing sight of the core element - the customer.

This session offers a comprehensive look at leveraging technology to understand and engage buying groups more effectively, ensuring your marketing efforts are both innovative and customer-centric.

2:55 PM

This session will explore a case study of how the global leader in sustainable stainless steel, Outokumpu, transformed its traditional marketing function and built a modern martech stack with a global lead generation and lead management process that won the global Oracle Markies award in 2022.

In this session, Markku Havukainen from Outokumpu is joined by Henrik Lagercantz from Luxid Group, to share their key experiences from this transformation journey. A journey that transformed an organization that produced zero leads into an operation that is capable of quantifying its business impact and exceeds business targets. Pitfalls, roadmaps, fails & wins, tool definitions and stack architecture.

In this session you will discover:

  • The successful roadmap from zero to hero for an award winning martech stack build.
  • Requirements for the team & organisation when implementing large changes.
  • Practical tips on how to get closer to the Sales organisation when doing marketing transformation.
  • Business benefits that the martech transformation brought.
  • Differences between organisations that succeed and the ones that fall short of their goals in marketing transformation initiatives.

This session offers insights into the marketer's battle with evolving digital algorithms and explores how to captivate your audience in this era of artificial intelligence and transforming creativity. We'll uncover what strategies are succeeding and those that are falling short. Recognize that while we all have access to the same tech, the implementation truly sets us apart. After all, technology is just the delivery system; the power of content amplification lies in your hands. The session also explores how to excel on platforms like LinkedIn by rethinking existing strategies. Join this session to explore how marketers can harness the tug-of-war between digital technologies and human creativity and emerge as winners in this age of ever-changing digital landscape.

You will:

  • Learn how to break the scrolling cycle and harness the attention of your audience on digital platforms.
  • Understand how LinkedIn's changing algorithm is impacting marketers and explore strategies to gain a competitive edge on the platform.
  • Explore the growing importance of video in digital marketing and how to effectively use it to captivate your audience.
  • How to drive creativity and innovation in an era dominated by automated processes and artificial intelligence.
3:25 PM
3:45 PM

In this session, join Adrian Cutler, a seasoned AI expert and speaker, as he takes us on a journey to discover what's possible with brand new Microsoft Copilot. This unique keynote offers practical ways to empower you to accomplish more with Bing Copilot.

Additionally, you’ll get a glimpse into the latest technology advancing consumer interaction.

The session will close with a Q&A session where no question is off the table!

4:20 PM

Put on your marketing seat belts for a no-holds-barred ride with Jason Miller, where 'keeping it real' is the only way to thrive in the AI era. He's not just blending AI with a human touch; he's mastering the balance to keep your brand genuinely human and far from the phenomenon known as the uncanny valley.

Miller cuts through the noise, calling out charlatans selling philosophical approaches and magical prompts. Forget chasing fleeting metrics and quick wins. It's about doubling down on your brand's core, building a lasting foundation for sustained demand and real impact, not just numbers on a spreadsheet.

Drawing from his experiences at LinkedIn, Microsoft, ActiveCampaign, and Tyk Technologies, Miller shares hard-hitting strategies to measure true brand impact in the B2B world – going beyond the superficial.

This session isn't just another talk; it's a wake-up call for brand authenticity and human connection, essential for success in 2024 and beyond.

You will learn:

  • Balancing human and AI in brand strategy: Discover how to strike the perfect balance between human authenticity and AI enhancements to elevate your brand strategy.
  • Defining successful brands in 2024+: Learn the key characteristics that define a successful brand in the modern era and how to position yours for long-term success.
  • Measuring true brand impact: Gain insights into effective methods for measuring your brand's true impact on the business, moving beyond mere metrics to real value.