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The evolution of artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming the B2B marketing landscape. But how can marketers distinguish between tech that's over-hyped, and tech that will actually be key to leveraging powerful data insights, enabling effective collaboration, exploiting the latest digital routes to market, and ultimately driving growth?

With practical insights from martech experts across three content themes, at Martechopia 2024, B2B digital marketers came together to learn how to use the rapid advancement of tech and AI to their advantage. They explored how to identify which technologies are right for them, and how to align their people and processes to extract maximum value.

2024 Gallery

2024 Speakers

Mott MacDonald
Head of Marketing Activation
Luxid Group
Head of Marketing Technologies
McKinsey and Company
B2B Jade
TikToker/Marketing Coach
Director, Global Marketing Organisation
Best Use of AI Gold Winner and Senior Communications Manager
Head of Brand Experience
Consumer Products & Retail Marketing Leader UK

Watch Chris Penn's 2023 keynote

Martechopia 2023 saw Chris Penn, Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist at TrustInsights.ai, give an opening keynote presentation exploring the impact of large language models on the B2B marketing world: "The marketing singularity: Large language models and the end of marketing as you knew it".

If you want to get a taste of what's in store for 2024, we've got some good news: you can now access this opening keynote on-demand!

You'll learn what large language models can and can't do, how your organisation should be thinking about their usage, and how various marketing jobs are predicted to be impacted.

The fastest growing European martech event of the year

Thought-leadership from 35+ martech experts

We use our leading position in the industry to gather respected martech experts who will get straight to the heart of what you need to know in order to take advantage of the rapid evolution of tech and AI in marketing.

Practical guidance from 20+ sessions

Learn from a packed, case-study rich agenda made up of 20+ sessions across 3 dedicated content tracks, and come away with an understanding of how you can use martech to fuel business growth effectively.

Network with marketing ops professionals

This is the only event that connects an audience of 60% digital marketers and 20% specialised marketing operations professionals, fostering connection and alignment across the marketing function.  

Gain insights from community intelligence

Explore the findings of our martech-focused Propolis Community Sprint, and discover the solutions our community of 1000+ B2B marketers found to achieve people, process and platform alignment.

Learn from award-winning case studies

Our agenda features sessions exploring shortlisted and winning B2B Marketing Awards entries, providing you with practical case studies of successful martech implementation that led to significant business growth.  

Use exclusive data to inform your strategy

This year for the first time ever, we will use Propolis Community Index data to inform agenda content, meaning you will have access to the latest martech insights you simply can’t get anywhere else.  

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