The Elevation Awards 2023 Winners

Don't be sorry, call Ari by Park & Battery

Hope is Everywhere, for the Veterinary Hope Foundation by Bader Rutter

Suspecting Cushing's by Stein IAS

Keeping It Cool: Henkel's Account Based Transformation by Transmission

'LinkedIn Ads Blog' for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, by LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

LoSasso, Media for Automate 2022 - Here for the Trailblazers by LoSasso

Tech Shark: A Force With Nature by Gravity Global

Launching Box to Nature at Pack Expo, by Stein IAS

Aquanomics: The economics of water risk and future resilience by Man Bites Dog

Direct Positive for Tempo by Bader Rutter

The Pathway to Inclusive Investment for BNY Mellon Investment Management, by Man Bites Dog

'Unstructured Is Unlimited' for Indico Data, by Park & Battery

'Keeping It Cool: Henkel’s Account-Based Transformation' for Henkel Adhesives Technologies, by Transmission

'A virtual tour of the Dell Technologies Configuration Center' for Dell Technologies, by Silver Agency

'Tech Shark: A Force With Nature' for Embraer, by Gravity Global

Intelligent ABM as innovative as criminals, by Digital Radish

Shell Aviation: Flightpath, by Edelman

'Tech Shark: A Force With Nature' for Embraer, by Gravity Global

'ZS Data Connects Us' for ZS, by Stein IAS

Rebecca Lambert, Head of U.S. Cattle & Pork Marketing, Zoetis Inc.

Kyall Mai, SVP Chief Innovation Officer, Esquire Bank